A Guide to Franchising Your Business

In this exclusive guide for business owners and entrepreneurs, you will learn if you're ready to grow your brand through franchising. 


  What It Takes To Be A Franchisor.

•  What Franchise Model Should You Use?

•  How Do You Start The Franchising Process?

•  What Business Term Will You Offer Franchisees?

•  How Do You Determine The Initial Investment For Item 7?

•  Should You Make Financial Performance Representations To Potential Franchisees?

•  What Should Be Included In The Franchise Operations Manual?

•  How Can You Ensure Compliance With Franchise Sales Laws?

•  What Ongoing Legal Compliance Is Necessary For Your Franchise?

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If you are considering franchising your your business, speak to an experienced franchise attorney to help guide you through the process. For more information, contact Lusthaus Law for a consultation about your franchise.